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Born to Italian-American parents in New Haven, Connecticut, Lori Carangelo is retired from 25 years of administrative positions, including 22 successful Private Industry Council job training/placement programs, and the first Office of Environmental Quality (OEQ) in Santa Barbara, California and for the City of Palm Desert (CA) Building Department.

But Lori is best known for having authored over 600 published articles and more than 25 unique non-fiction books, including several editions of “The Ultimate Search Book,” “The Adoption and Donor Conception Factbook,” biographical stories such as “ESPOSITO - The First Mafioso” and “true crime” books reveal WHY they did it - such as “KONDRO,” “RAGE!,” “Serial Killers on the Interstate,” and other stories resulting from over 20,000 adoptee-parent reunions that she and her national volunteer network, Americans For Open Records (AmFOR), facilitated without charge. And her stories about the wrongfully convicted give voice to the innocent, including Joe Garcia in “FRAMED! The Carefully Crafted Central Coast Rapist” James Munro in “JAMES MUNRO - And the Freeway Killers” and Joel Domingues in “BLOOD RELATIVES” which was adapted for TV by the Investigation Discovery (ID) TV Network… with more to follow.

Book Signings

Book Signings at Borders and Barnes & Noble, Palm Desert, CA

LEFT: signing “The Ultimate Search Book 2011” with Milton Berle’s adopted son, Bill Berle, author of “My Father Uncle Milty”;

MIDDLE: signing “From Italian-America With Love” cookbook;

RIGHT: signing “The Ultimate Search Book 1997” with Stan Reyburn, author of “Biz Ops”;

Publishing & Printing

Publishing, Printing, and TV

Access Press publishes Kindle & Nook books, some of which Lori’s publishers also published as print books;

Garlic Press published cookbooks;

Graphic Press & Lithografix was managed and operated by Lori with Ron Frieborn, the owner-printer and her 18-year partner til he passed away in 2001.

TV Pics