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The Only Comprehensive Source
U.S. & Global Data on the Invisible Families
of Adoption, Foster Care, & Donor Conception

by Lori Carangelo

New 2018 editions - Softcover Print Edition - AND E-book Edition for Kindle or PC


210 pages. Indexed.

Present and Past Generations of Adoptees, Parents, Adopters, Donors, Donor Offspring, Surrogates, Gay/Lesbian Parents, Special Interests - The book provides answers to HOW MANY? WHO ARE THEY? AT WHAT COST? ...and more.

There are striking similarities, but also unexpected differences, between Adoptees and Donor Offspring, and those raised by their Biological Parents -- unexpected perhaps because data is scarce or has often been skewed by ‘selective definition,’ An example of ‘selective definition’ is President Bill Clinton’s famous comment, “I did NOT have sex with that woman,” according to his own inventive definition of ‘sexual relations.’ Or, as Mark Twain said: “There are three kinds of lies – lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

This book is an ‘at a glance’ resource for researchers, helping professionals, activists, lawmakers, journalists, students composing dissertations, other writers, genealogists and anyone interested in knowing the facts about America’s most secretive, multi-billion dollar, Adoption, Assisted Reproduction, and Foster Care industries. Negative data about these industries, or about the outcomes of the people they claim to serve, not only discredits long held beliefs formed from slick marketing, but also can adversely affect their political and financial interests and so ‘disinformation’ has been a hallmark of their continued growth.

As with many major industries, new terminology describes their products -- “Adoptees, Birth Parents, Adoptive Parent or Adopters, Donors, Donor Offspring, Parents by Estoppel, DeFacto Parents, Foster Parents, Intended Parents, Custody Evaluators,” etc. Chapters about each of these groups begin with an explanation of the Legal or Political terms and endeavors to answer “How Many? Who Are They? and At What Cost?” Because the terms represent people, they are capitalized as one would capitalize a person’s name, and they are given ‘voice.’ Sources are indicated immediately following each statistic, study, or statement, rather than footnoting. The Bibliography details shorter cites, and the extensive Index may further assist researchers.

Browse the stats and back stories, consider the sources, follow the dollars, and judge for yourself. It’s about you, your family, your money. You have a right to know.

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“Lori Carangelo has fought for the rights of those that cannot speak for themselves for decades. Donor conceived individuals have used her free registry in that time to mend lost connections and make new ones. Lori's new Factbook is something anyone considering adoption or assisted reproduction technologies should read.”
--Matt Doran, Donor Children,

“The author’s Y-2000 “Statistics” edition brought together a wealth of hard to find data about adoption and foster care [and the updated, expanded “Factbook” edition also includes the fertility industry]. I know of no other source which even comes close to the scope of this book.”
-- Gordon Brooks, Librarian III, Social Science Dept., Los Angeles Public Library

“Lori Carangelo has done it again - Her previous book, “CHOSEN CHILDREN” compared the politics and people in the symbiotic “Adoption, Foster Care and Prison Systems.” “The ADOPTION & DONOR CONCEPTION FACTBOOK” reveals the startling statistics, politics and ‘invisible families’ in the Adoption, Foster Care, CPS, Family Courts and Fertility Industries, and, as always, names sources. A rare and valuable resource.”
-- E. G. Walker, Adult Education Instructor and Author