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The list of "Famous Adoptees," (and Famous Adopters and Parents), below, mirrors the same list on the "Famous Adoptees" webpage changed to "Famous Adoptees and Fosterers" (is that a word?) at famous.adoption.com, alphabetically by first name.

Their list, like media, propagandizes adoption by exemplifying these individuals' personal achievements -- making each of them appear to be a "poster child" for adoption. Our research found that many originally identified as "adoptees" on their list were NOT adopted, or were returned to foster care or to their families after unsuccessful adoptions, and that their "success" came at a high price -- It is not only adoptees with apparent "bad outcomes" who express pain from being a "chosen child" (See "CHOSEN CHILDREN," an Amazon-Kindle e-book, particularly the chapter on STEVE JOBS who expressed “unresolved pain from lifelong feelings of rejection and abandonment” stemming from his adoption.)

Below, on this page, is what most people DON'T know about "Famous Adoptees." A greater number of "infamous" adoptees are featured in "CHOSEN CHILDREN," including ADOPTED KILLERS who have similarly expressed feelings shared by STEVE JOBS. Sources for the detailing of the persons listed on this page, below, are indicated by numerical codes at the end of each entry, as follows or as otherwise noted:

CODE KEY FOR SOURCES: (1) = Source is "Adoption Celebrities" a pro-adoption web-site at http://celebrites.adoption.com/ (Click on "read on" at end of introductory text, for their "A-Z List" by alphabetical LAST name, of "over 700 alleged to be "adopted, fostered, stolen, mythological" relying on the "Directory of Biographies," etc.); (2) = Source is "Chosen Children," a searchable e-book with Sources, at loricarangelo.com/chosenchildren/ including but not limited to Chapter 9, "Americas Dirty Little Secret: Adoptees Outcomes"; (3) = Sources cited on AmFOR web pages such as "Open Record Archives," "Opposing Viewpoints," etc.; (4) = Source is Internet sites found by typing person's Name + key word ("childhood" etc) in Browser or News archives; (5) = Source not verifiable, or may update or expand the entry later.


Alexander the Great - King of Macedonia, 356-323 B.C. -  NOT ADOPTED.  The Greek, alcoholic homosexual brother of Cleopatria, whose mother Olympia told him Phillip wasn’t really his father, & who began killing at age 16, also suspected of killing his step-father Phillip, & executed all rivals to the throne & his governors, & went about conquering much of the known world by killing.  The upside is that the people he conquered had to speak the same language  enabling exchange of ideas & education. Source: http://www.royalty.nv/Europe/Alexander.html (1) (4)

Andy Berlin - entrepreneur: chairman of Berlin Cameron & Partners - Adopted as a baby, "felt different" from others, even fantasizing that his ‘birth’ parents were Martians (1) Anthony Williams - politician - (5)

Aristotle - philosopher - NOT ADOPTED.  Born 384 BC in Greece, raised by his parents til they died when he was age 10; raised by relative, Proxenua (his "guardian") til age 17, then sent to Plato's Academy to complete his education. (4)

Art Linkletter - comedian - Abandoned by his parents as a child, adopted by an elderly couple & raised in a retirement home (1) (4)

Bo Diddley - musician, performer - NOT TYPICAL ADOPTION EXPERIENCE. – Was raised by immediate relatives so always knew his parents (4)

Brent Jasmer - actor - Browse of sites found only a photo of Brent with his adpters & biological mother. (4)

Buffy Sainte-Marie - musician, actress - Taken from her Cree Indian family in Canada & placed with White couple in Maine (1)

Carl Theodor Dreyer - Danish film director - (5)

Charles Dickens - writer -  NOT ADOPTED.  Raised by his parents, though twice indentured to work to pay off his father's debts--at age 10 for less than a year & released back to his paents & at age 15 when he began writing. (4)

Charlotte Anne Lopez - Miss Teen USA - NOT TYPICAL ADOPTION EXPERIENCE. Actually raised by 5 different foster families in 15 years (1)

Christina Crawford - author - Adopted by Joan Crawford, who bought her adoptees from black market & abused them. Source: "Mommie Dearest" book by Christina Crawford, & (1) (2) (3) (4)

[Bill Berle - author - Adopted by actor-comedian Milton Berle, was not included on the mirror site, perhaps because he wasn’t famous enough–but neither is Milton listed under "Famous Adoptive Parents"; Bill’s black market adoption, rejection by Milton revealed in Bill’s book "My Father, Uncle Milty," including his suicide attempt; see also "Opposing Viewpoints," loricarangelo.com/OpposingViewpoints.html (2) (3) (4) ]

Clarissa Pinkola Estes - author - ADOPTED FOR IMMIGRATION PURPOSES.  She was born to  Mestizo (Native American-Hispanic) parents but adopted "as an older child" (no specific age found) by a "family of Hungarian refugee immigrants to America" which suggests it was for the purpose of entry into the U.S. (4)

Crazy Horse - Lakota war chief - Mass murderer, annihilated U.S. Army forces under Gen. George Custer at "Custer’s Last Stand." (1)(4)

Dan O'Brien - decathlete - Born 7-18-66 in Oregon to an African American father & a White Finnish mother who were unmarried college students.  He spent his early years in foster care before adoption.   Dan’s adopted parents tell how, when he was little child, Dan never cried....when he wanted his own way or when he was in pain. ...he would make little noises like crying, but tears never came out. Even as an adult, Dan says he has difficulty expressing emotion.... he always wanted someone around. His parents say that when he was little & they left him with a baby sitter, they would have to assure him over and over again that they would return back home. They feel his insecurity was the result of other parental figures in foster care who said good-bye, then Dan would not see them again...  Dan was the youngest in this multi-ethnic household.... One of the difficulties growing up in such diversity was that he felt he had no role models. Although he loved them very much, he knew he was different from the other members of the household. He knew he didn’t fit in. He wasn’t black and he wasn’t white.  (4)

Daunte Culpepper - football player - Born to incarcerated teenage mother & given to 62-year old jailer-housemother when he was a day old (1)

Dave Thomas - entrepreneur: founder of Wendy's - Adopted at birth but his Adopter died when he was 5;   raised by adoptive grandmother who didn’t tell him he was adopted til age 13; high school drop-out who left home after  10th grade & eventually traced his parents but they had already died. (1) (4)

Debbi Harry - singer - Heroin addicted til 1984 (1)

Edgar Allen Poe - poet, writer - His mother died when he was 3 & he was fostered, never formally adopted. His later life was over-shadowed mental problems & drunkenness & his foster family disinherited him. (1) Edward Albee - playwright - a gay adoptee...."His adoption was not a happy one." (1)

Eleanor Roosevelt - First Lady - Her female adopter died when she was 8; her alcoholic male adopter died when she was 10; she was then raised by her emotionally distant adoptive grandmother. (1) (4)

Eric Dickerson - athlete - (5)

Faith Daniels - news anchor - Adopted, according to "The Tower" newspaper of Bethany College, etc. (1) (4)

Faith Hill - country singer - Her male adopter was illiterate; her parents were unmarried when she was born but married later, so presumably she was needlessly relinquished; by the time she located her mother, her father had already died. (1)

Freddie Bartholomew - actor - Abandoned by his parents to care of an aunt & not adopted til he became famous & then his parents & adopter fought to control his earnings (1)

Gary Coleman - actor - In a tug of war with his adopters over his TV fortune, reportedly $7-million in 1990, he accused them of stealing $1-million, & had lived with kidney dysfunction including failed transplants Since age 4. Source: His current TV commercials for personal loans, & "Gary Coleman Bankrupt" 8-1-99, E-Online. (1) (4)

George Washington Carver - inventor - NOT ADOPTED. Born to slaves; taken as a slave (4)

Greg Louganis - diver - Samoan-Swedish parents, White adopter; a "troubled teenager," alcohol, drugs, dyslexic, gay, HIV-positive. (1)

Halle Berry - actress -  NOT ADOPTED . Born 8-14-68, in Cleveland, Ohio, to African American father Jerome Berry, a former hospital attendant, & Caucasian mother Judith Berry, a retired psychiatric nurse.  In 1970s, Jerome Berry, an abusive alcoholic, abandoned his wife & children, after which Judith raised Halle & HAlle's sister Heidi as a single mother in the predominantly White Cleveland suburb of Bedford. (4)

Ingrid Bergman - actress - NOT ADOPTED. Her mother died when she was 2; father died when she was 12; lived with aunt only 6 months when she also died. (1)

James MacArthur - actor - Adopted by Hollywood actress Helen Hayes & husband Charles MacArthur (1)

James Michener - author - NOT ADOPTED. A foundling raised by a widow who took in such children; lived in extreme poverty, no father figure; as a teenager left home to hitchhike around th country. (1)

Jean Jacques Rousseau - philosopher - His mother died a few days after his birth (1)

Jesse Jackson - minister - NOT TYPICAL ADOPTION EXPERIENCE. Raised by mother, step-father. (1)(4)

Jesus - adopted by Joseph the carpenter (Bible) - NOT ADOPTED. The Jesus of Christian Religious dogma conflicts with the Historical Jesus according to documentation, for instance, as documented by Royal historiographer Laurence Gardner’s research in the book, "Bloodline fo the Holy Grail: The True Lineage of Jesus" which explains the translation of "Virgin" & documents that Joseph & Mary were legally married (twice), that Jesus had a brother, Simon, & that Jesus married Mary Magdelene, mis-labeled a prostitute, & had children whose descendants are of the Royal House of Stewart. (2) (3) (4)

Jett Williams - country singer and author - Born out of wedlock; her father, country western signer Hank Williams died 5 days after her birth; adopted by her grandmother who died 2 months later; because no other family member claimed her, she next went through several foster homes before being her second adoption & name changed to Cathy Louise Dupree; her family hid her origins from her to defraud her of her inheritance from her father’s royalties; she sued & won. Source: her book, & lawsuit: Cathy Yvonne Stone v. Hank Williams Jr. et al, 85-CIV-71 US Ct App 2d Cir (12-5-89) (2)(4)

Jim Palmer - athlete - His male adopter died when he was 9; he had a privileged childhood & alleges "no interest" in tracing his ["birth"] family, [not a normal instinct & viewed as denial]. (1)

John J. Audubon - naturalist - Born in Haiti to French naval captain/slave trader & his Creole servant; his mother died soon after his birth & he was adopted by his father & father’s wife. In later years, Audubon gave several fictitious accounts of his origins to conceal his "illegitimate" birth; he was unsuccessful in business & went to debtors’ prison in 1819. (1) (4)

John Lennon - musician- NOT ADOPTED. His parents separated when he was 3; raised by his aunt & uncle who died when he was 12, often in trouble at school, stole from shops, threw stones at trains. (1)

Langston Hughes - poet and writer - Not adopted. His father died shortly after he was born & when he was 8 [his mother] sent him to live with his grandmother; when she died, he went to foster parents until he rejoined his mother. (1) (4)

Larry Ellison - entrepreneur: chief executive of Oracle - (5)

Leo Tolstoy - writer - NOT ADOPTED. His mother died when he was 2; his father died when he was 9; he was raised by relatives–his grandmother who died, & then by an aunt who died. (1)

Les Brown - motivational speaker - (1) (5)

Louisa May Alcott - writer -  NOT ADOPTED.   The second of four daughters, she was born in Germantown, Pennsylvania, & raised in Boston & Concord, Massachusetts, b her father, Amos Bronson Alcott, & her mother, Abigail May Alcott. Alcott's childhood was apparently happy. At age 16 she began writing, convinced that she could eventually earn enough money to alleviate the family's poverty. (4)

Lynnette Cole - Miss USA 2000 - Adopted at age 2 from an abusive family. (1)

Malcolm X - civil rights leader - NOT ADOPTED; aka Malcolm Little; his father was a Christian minister who was murdered by White racists in 1931 but he was raised by his mother for several years until taken away along with his siblings due to her mental illness & was placed in a children’s home, later fostered, got into trouble at school & was sent to reform school. (1) (4)

Marilyn Monroe - actress - NOT ADOPTED.* Born to a single mother, fostered from infancy til age 2; had contact with her mother but not informed who she was, her very brief adoption by her mother’s best friend, was annulled or ended by returning her to a series of 9 foster homes & married at age 16 to get out of foster care; abused pills & alcohol, mistress to President Kennedy & his brother Robert as well as to a Mafia figure; her early death has been attributed to suicide, accidental overdose, [or a murder conspiracy during the Kennedy years]. Source: her own book and (1) (4)

Mark Acre - athlete - (5)

Mark Twain - writer - (5) Matthew Laborteaux - actor - Adopted together with his brother Patrick (4)

Melissa Gilbert - actress - Born 5-8-64 in Los Angeles, adopted as a newborn by Hollywood producer Paul Gilbert & his wife; her adoters divorced when she was 8; Paul Gilbert died when she was 11. (1) (5)

Michael Reagan - dancer - His famous adopters, Ronald Reagan & actress Jane Wyman divorced & he was Treated as an "outsider" when Reagan became President, as detailed in Michael’s books, "From the Outside Looking In" and "Twice Adopted" and (2) (3) (4)

Moses - Biblical leader adopted by the princess of Egypt (Bible) - A mass murderer - See "Adopted Killers" page at loricarangelo.com/killers/ (2) (3) (4)

Nancy Reagan - First Lady - NOT TYPICAL ADOPTION EXPERIENCE.  Raised by her other; step-father adoption. In "Nancy Reagan, The Unauthorized Biography" taken from public records etc. by author Kitty Kelley, Nancy purposely had her date of birth altered on her birth certificate to hide her age. (5)

Nat King Cole - singer - NOT CONFIRMED ADOPTED. (1) (5)

Nelson Mandela - politician - NOT ADOPTED. Raised by his parents in South Africa; father died when he was 9 & he then became a "ward" (not adoptee) of the Chief Regent & continued to see his mother (5)

Patrick Laborteaux - actor - Adopted together with his brother Matthew (4)

Peter and Kitty Carruthers - figure skaters - (5)

President Gerald R. Ford - politician, adopted by step-father - NOT TYPICAL ADOPTION EXPERIENCE as falsely touted by media in pro-adoption commercials as an "adoptee" success story – Raised by his mother & always knew his father since 1930, so did not have to overcome burden of adoption secrecy or unknown origins. (4)

President William Clinton - politician - NOT TYPICAL ADOPTION EXPERIENCE. Raised by his mother, step-father adoption. Hides his ancestry & was ashamed of his adoptive brother, a janitor, would not at first acknowledge him during while President, then broke off contact. (4)

Priscilla Presley - actress - step-father adoption (4)

Ray Liotta - actor - could not confirm adoption (5)

Reno - performance artist, comedian - (5)

Rep. Jim Lightfoot - politician- (5)

Richard Burton - actor - (5)

Sara Gilbert - actress - (5)

Sarah McLachlan - singer - (5)

Scott Hamilton - figure skater - (5)

Sen. Paull H. Shin - politician - NOT ADOPTED TIL AGE 18. Orphaned, street child (Korea); ADULT adoption at age 18 for purpose of entry into U.S. (4)

Sen. Robert Byrd - politician- NOT TYPICAL ADOPTION EXPERIENCE. "In-family" adoption. (4)

Shari Belafonte-Harper - actress - NOT ADOPTED .  Father is singer Harry Bellafonte.(4)

Steve Jobs - entrepreneur: co-founder of Apple computer - In "The Journey is the Reward," author Jeffrey s. Young wrote that Steve Jobs said he felt "an unresolved pain over being adopted" Jobs had gone to India to seek enlightenment & to The Primal Therapy Center in Europe, experimented with LSD; still obsessed with finding his origins hired a private investigator to locate his mother. Doesn’t sound like the "well-adjusted adoptee" the adoption industry claims adjusts to abnormal adoptive status (2) (3) (4)

Surya Bonaly - figure skater - (5)

Tim Green - football player/commentator - He details his 7-year search for his mother, which alienated his adopters, in his books "The Dark Side of the Game" & "A Man & His Mother," (4)

Tom Monaghan - entrepreneur - NOT ADOPTED. Founder Domino’s Pizza; raised in Catholic orphanages. (1) Tommy Davidson - comedian - Black child given by Black mother to White friend to raise& suffered both Black & White racial abuse (4)

Victoria Rowell - actress - NOT ADOPTED.  Was fostered. (4)

Wilson Riles - educator - NOT ADOPTED. Was fostered. (5)


(not the complete list at http://famous.adoption.com , as the focus is Famous Adoptees;  more Famous Adopters may be researched at a later date)

Barbara Walters - famous journalist - Uses her fame to propagandize adoption in a favorable light. (4)

Bette Davis - actress - Another abusive "Mommie Dearest" (4)

Bob Hope - entertainer - Was always "on the road" & not available to his adoptees. (4)

Charles Bronson - actor - Together with actress-wife, Jill Ireland, adopted boy who committed suicide. At the teenager's funeral, his grief stricken ["birth"] mother cried over his coffin. (4)

Hank Williams, Sr. - country music legend - Died 5 days after his out-of-wedlock daughter was born [See "Jett Williams" under "Famous Adoptees, above.] (2) (4)

Jane Wyman - actress - When married to Ronald Reagan, adopted Michael Reagan, whose book, "From the Outside Looking In" reveals his true feelings about being adopted & deprived of his mother who had to watch his progress anonymously. (2) (4)

Jill Ireland - actress -  See CHARLES BRONSON, above.

Loni Anderson - actress - Together with Burt Reynolds adopted a child, then divorced. (4)

Maury Povitch and Connie Chung - talk show host and journalist - Together adopted, then divorced. (1)

Mia Farrow - actress - Unmarried, adopted several foreign children together with Woody Allen who had sex with their under-age female adoptee, Sun Yi, & later married the girl. (1) (2) (4)

[Michael Jackson - pop star - not listed on the mirror site & charged with child molestation, has both surrogate children and an adopted boy. (4)]

[ Milton Berle- actor-comedian - not listed on the mirror site; see "Bill Berle" under "Famous Adoptees"]

Paula Poundstone - comedian - Charged with abuse & her adoptees taken from her for a period of time. (4)

[President George Washington - not included on mirror-site; he married the widow Martha Dandridge Custis in 1759; they had no children together, but he adopted Martha's children John and Martha.. He had a half-brother.  He was land-rich but often cash-poor, and had to borrow money in order to get to his first inauguration. (4) ]

President Ronald Reagan - politician - [See "Jane Wyman," above.] Sally Jessy Raphael - talk show host - Pro-adoption propagandist, her male adoptee committed suicide. (4) Sen. Jesse Helms - politician - Publicly characterized as a bigot. (4) Tom Cruise - actor - Divorced after adopting. (4) Valerie Harper - actress - (5)


Andy Kaufman - actor - committed suicide. (4)

David Crosby - singer (5)

Roseanne Barr - actress - After achieving fame, searched for & found her daughter. (4)

Kate Mulgrew - acress (5)

Joni Mitchell  - singer (5)

Rex Harrison - actor (5)