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by Lori Carangelo


FROM ITALIAN-AMERICA with LOVE - Encyclopedia of Italian Cookery from Famous U.S.-Italian Restaurants - and More!
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A lot of LOVE went into this unique cookbook. Originally published in 1987, this delightful cookbook was carried in a print edition by Barnes and Noble bookstores as well as at Kitchen stores, gift stores, libraries, and also sold by the U.S. Italian restaurants that generously contributed their prize recipes. It was, and still is, popular not only for its cutely illustrated, giftable format but also for the completeness of its collection of every type of Italian dish. Noting the region of Italy where each originated, every dish could be not only sampled at the Italian restaurants that served the dishes, but also could be easily made at home due to the easy-to-follow instructions, one recipe per page. Italian-American cuisine differs from that of Italy only in our regional variations. America made no culinary contribution to Italy, but stimulated the native genius by giving it new materials with which to work -- Italian-America contributed the tomato (originally from Mexico), turkey, potato, peanut, vanilla and chocolate -- which Columbus introduced via Spain; also the cultivated strawberry, string beans, pumpkins, artichokes and certain squash. And Italy sent us sinfully rich pastries, seafood specialties, pasta, olives, polenta, more wines than any country in the world, and, of course, pizza which became "Americanized" worldwide. Grandma may no longer get up at 4:00 AM to "stir the sauce," but the Italian dinner table is still the center of Italian social life -- around it engagements are blessed, marriages are celebrated, friends are welcomed, disputes are settled, and even the bereaved are comforted. While the "Italian Tonight" cookbook is a collection of Italian recipes from Italian restaurants worldwide, with color photos in the front section, this cookbook, illustrated throughout, also has humorously illustrated tabbed divider pages for each food category… and was truly a labor of love. Buon Appetito! 253 pages. Illustrated & Indexed.

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Selling Cookbooks LEFT: Author’s book-signing at Barnes & Noble bookstore when “From Italian-America With Love” debuted.
RIGHT: The author’s son Tom and grand-daughter Becky selling “From Italian-America with Love” cookbooks at the Dolly Sinatra Lodge of Sons of Italy annual Italian Festival at the Palm Springs Pavilion.


“Thank you for creating ‘From Italian-America With Love.’ A an avid book collector, I was happy and overjoyed to have it My parents visited me over the weekend and I caught them scanning the pages - They were really giving it the once over. Thanks again for the terrific cookbook.”
— Virginia DiBenedetto, Treasurer and Publicity Chairperson for Dolly Sinatra Lodge, Order of Sons of Italy, Palm Springs, CA

“‘From-Italian-America With Love’ and your Proposal for a ‘Barbara Sinatra and Friends’ cookbook arrived while we were away. We are thrilled and excited about, and gladly accept, your offer to put together a cookbook to benefit Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center… You can count on all of us for support of this project.”
— Barbara Sinatra, President Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center at Eisenhower Medical Center, Rancho Mirage, CA

“As one of the chefs who prepared meals for Order Sons of Italy in America, I truly appreciated ‘From Italian-America With Love…’”
— Gary E. Mills, Chef Wyndham Hotel, Palm Springs, CA

“I LOVE ‘From Italian-America With Love’ for the completeness of the by-category collection, the 72 different pastas illustrations, and that the recipes are in an easy to follow format, one per page. The history of the cuisine and of some of the restaurants where the dishes can be sampled in my area, as well as in my own kitchen, made the cookbook not only my ‘must have,’ but also perfect gifts for my relatives.”
— Marie Negri

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