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AmFOR was originally founded in 1989 by Lori Carangelo as a national organization by and for adoption affected citizens only, but also non-adopted citizens began to support our original, related and subsequent causes, so AmFOR expanded its focus and efforts with this mega-site to provide FREE research and assistance via our (still) free speech!

AmFOR is now an international voluntary network of citizens reclaiming "our right to know" via our dwindling access to billions of records wrongfully withheld from us and kept secret without our permission under alleged "confidentiality" and "privacy" laws, especially records in which we are named, and to certain other records which must be accessible to the public in the public interest. We are also reclaiming our right to correct any misinformation or falsifications in such records.

AmFOR incorporated in 1996 as a non-profit tax-exempt California corporation, funded at the time entirely by book sales and royalties. Today, AmFOR's expanded emphasis and projects are funded entirely as a philanthropic project of its founder.

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AmFOR has, over the years, lobbied, protested, petitioned, sued and had our books and editorials published, to OPEN UP our Wrongfully Sealed Birth and Adoption Records (degree of disclosure depends on state), our Publicly Held Records WRONGFULLY WITHHELD from our access, our Privately Held Records WRONGFULLY WITHHELD from our access, and certain of our government's WRONGFULLY CLASSIFIED Records not sanctioned by Congress (representatives of the People).

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We believe all American citizens have the "right to know" what's in our records and to access and obtain what's ours, and to correct any misinformation. AmFOR supports public access to such records and believes that denying public access threatens not only our personal security but also National Security and our Democracy!

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ADOPTEES’ WAR give their lives for their country… Shoudn’t their country at least give them their true birth certificate?)

AmFOR is a member of Amnesty International

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