Blood Relatives

A True Story of Family Secrets
and Murders

by Lori Carangelo

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BLOOD RELATIVES - A True Story of Family Secrets and Murders - proves that truth is stranger than fiction. Investigation Discovery (ID) TV aired a partly fictionalized dramatization loosely based on this book. Now read the real story. This is a "who done it" with twists and turns and multiple murders you won't see coming. The characters and events are real - including "the woman who legalized abortion in America" and her children who are caught up in complex family relationships resulting from adoption, abortion, incest, greed and corruption. Just as one may hand down a family recipe, this story, which takes the reader from the 1960s to the present, provides an intriguing mix of Southern pride and prejudice, mystery, motives and murders. Turn up the heat, stir in the action, add a pinch of reasonable doubt, allow to simmer, and feed your craving for a bloody tale.

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