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KONDRO - The Untold Story of the Longview Serial Killer
Why did Joseph Kondro, who started life as a normal, healthy kid, raised by decent adoptive parents, become a child rapist-killer? For the first time, the killer reveals how he took a whole community’s children, and why the whole community kept his secrets as he "inhaled the last breaths" of his young victims.

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Rage! How an Adoption Ignited a Fire – When Greg Mox murdered both of his loving adoptive parents, he bludgeoned them, slashed their throats, poured gasoline on their bodies and set them on fire. Media always asks “why” when such crimes occur but rarely have answers. The author investigated and interviewed Greg Mox over time and has given him a voice to explain in his own words WHY he did it. Chapters detail his adoption story, family relationships, the murders, his trial, and his search for his “birth” family.

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BLOOD RELATIVES - A True Story of Family Secrets and Murders - proves that truth is stranger than fiction. Investigation Discovery (ID) TV aired a partly fictionalized dramatization loosely based on this book. Now read the real story. This is a "who done it" with twists and turns and multiple murders you won't see coming. The characters and events are real - including "the woman who legalized abortion in America" and her children who are caught up in complex family relationships resulting from adoption, abortion, incest, greed and corruption. Just as one may hand down a family recipe, this story, which takes the reader from the 1960s to the present, provides an intriguing mix of Southern pride and prejudice, mystery, motives and murders. Turn up the heat, stir in the action, add a pinch of reasonable doubt, allow to simmer, and feed your craving for a bloody tale.

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200 Highway Killers by State

Now in both Paperback and Kindle eBook, this unique by-state collection details over 200 Serial Killers who either picked up or disposed of their victims along America's highways and truck stops. Included are their known victims' identities and the nicknames that media attached to their apparent “M.O.” or victim type – such as “The Bra Murderer, “The Co-Ed Killer,” “The Flat Tire Killer,” “The Orange Socks Killer,” “The Freeway Killer,” “The Trash Bag Killer,” etc.

The FBI tells us that 6,000 people per year die at the hands of serial killers and that close to 300 Highway Serial Killers, specifically, are currently on the loose in the United States, prowling the nation – especially those who are among the 3.5-million truckers on the road today. Long-haul truckers who pick up prey in one state often dump the body several states away. And they are in every state – California and Texas having the largest number of such serial killers, but even the smallest states thought to be the “safest” have their share of these predators. So if you're offered a ride by a smiling stranger. Be afraid… Be very afraid. 276 pages. Photos; Indexed.

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JAMES MUNRO – And the Freeway Killers. Like Forrest Gump, Jim Munro grew up with multiple physical and mental handicaps to overcome. Unlike Gump who was a likable movie hero and was liked in real life, Jim Munro was never liked – not by his American parents who adopted him from a German orphanage and then discarded him, nor by those who knew about his lifestyle and association with Bill Bonin, California's Freeway Killer.

To unravel Jim Munro for this book, it was necessary to include graphic descriptions of his activities and behaviors, including when he was in the wrong place at the wrong time with Bill Bonin and the body of one of Bonin's many young male victims. That mistake resulted in almost 40 years in prison at this writing, despite that he never killed or injured anyone. Accomplice or victim or both? You be the judge

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ESPOSITO - The First Mafioso. JOE ESPOSITO – his origins, his life, even his death – has long been shrouded in mystery and folklore. In the late 1880s, the FBI dubbed him “the first Mafioso” while Italian, British, New York, Chicago and New Orleans newspapers depicted him as “the first international serial killer.”

Orphaned at birth, he adopted multiple identities, trying on new ones as one would try on new clothes. The author brings him to life against vivid backdrops of post-Civil War Sicily and New Orleans people, politics and places, including plantations, brothels, docks, a New York courtroom and the infamous “escape proof” island prison known as “Italy's Alcatraz.”

But to discover the “real” Joe Esposito, we meet Serafina, the petite, bodacious and strikingly beautiful Sicilian woman who had almost as many aliases as Esposito and for whom Joe endeavored to “walk the line.” The truth as to whether “Panama Joe” and Serafina were an Italian “Bonnie and Clyde” makes their story all the more compelling.

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PAST MISTAKES: Is Joe Garcia California's Central Coast Rapist? Women were certainly his downfall… but is Joe Garcia California’s Central Coast Rapist?



The ADOPTION & DONOR CONCEPTION FACTBOOKThe Only Comprehensive Source of U.S. & Global Data on the Invisible Families of Adoption, Foster Care & Donor Conception.
NEW - 2018 Edition Provides an “at a glance” statistical resource and documentary for researchers, helping professionals, activists, lawmakers, journalists, students composing dissertations, other writers, genealogists -- and anyone interested in knowing the truth about America’s most secretive, multi-billion dollar, Adoption, Assisted Reproduction, and Foster Care industries. Browse the latest stats and back stories, consider the sources, follow the dollars, and judge for yourself. It’s about you, your family, your money. You have a right to know. 210 pages, Indexed.
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CHOSEN CHILDREN 2019 – People As Commodities In America’s Multi-Billion Dollar Failed Foster Care, Adoption and Prison Industries. A documentary and exposé that follows the dollars and identifies sources in support of the shocking facts. The author, who has worked with thousands of adoption affected families, including incarcerated adoptees, suggests alternatives to these failed systems.

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CARANGELO v. CONNECTICUT – A Case of Lifelong Opposition to Government Protected Child Stealing
“Carangelo v. Connecticut” was not won. So why publish a book about a class action that was not won? This book explains how my child was “legally” stolen in 1969 and other children continue to be “legally” stolen. Today, the federal Child Abuse and Prevention Act (CAPTA), and the Adoption and Safe Families Act (ASFA), intended to help children and families, have more blatantly terrorized and torn families apart for forced adoptions while financially rewarding their kidnappers – government protected child stealing. This book is for adoption reform activists, attorneys, law students, writers, researchers and anyone who is part of half the United States population who have had an adoption or relinquishment for adoption in their immediate family.

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THE ULTIMATE SEARCH BOOK – U.S. Adoption, Genealogy and Other Search Secrets Both eBook and Print edition for searching the U.S. are available and also the print edition for searching Worldwide (see below) -- so you can find anyone, dead or alive, even adoptees and "birth" parents without a known name, despite sealed records. The author, whose organization, Americans For Open Records (AmFOR), helped 20,000 families to reconnect, without charge, reveals how.

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THE ULTIMATE SEARCH BOOK – WORLDWIDE Adoption, Genealogy and Other Search Secrets - Worldwide Adoption, Genealogy and Other Search Secrets - 293 pages; A "How To" Manual and Directory of Resources available from Clearfield Company; detailing with publisher link and how to obtain a FREE copy, at


ADOPTION UNCENSORED - Indexed 30-Year COLLECTION of SELECTED NEWSCLIPS and LETTERS TO AmFOR 1977- 2008 (from Legislators, Agencies, Attorneys, Organizations and Others on ADOPTION ISSUES); 292 pages; FREE eBook at


THE 8 BALL CAFE - Stories of Adoption, Addiction and Redemption
Adoptees have higher odds for lifetime substance abuse, drug associated crimes, and suicides than non-adopted persons. This book provides a rare, intimate look at how and why this occurs, as drug addicted adoptees, Noah Stone (in Part 1), Tom McGee (in Part 2), and 31 other adoptees (in Part 3) reveal in their own words the common threads that affected their outcomes.
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200 Authentic Recipes from Italian Restaurant Chefs - and More! - Softcover - Kindle
Italian Restaurant Chefs Share Their Recipe Secrets - Softcover - Kindle