Church, State & Adoption


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"Adoption is a form of domestic terrorism."
-Reverend Ruth Peterson

While was no surprise that in 2014 a UN human rights committee finally said the Vatican “systematically” adopted policies that allowed priests to rape and molest tens of thousands of children over decades, there has been no similar outing of the Christian Right's and the Catholic Church's systematic mass child stealing - except in documentaries such as AmFOR's "Chosen Children" - which documents the following.

Separation of Church and State is a basic doctrine of American government. It is also a central issue in adoption because the adoption industry is chiefly driven by so-called "Christian" adoption agencies and their chief lobbyist, National Council for Adoption, which was partly financed by our federal government to promote adoption (with $1-billion in government funding over 4 years). Since adoption generates such astronomical profit for the Vatican and all religious organizations.

Throughout history, the Catholic Church has been a primary instigator of family separations. The Church had several reasons for casting the "unwed mother" as a "sinner," and her child as a "bastard child," and for allowing mother and child to be magically "redeemed" via the lies of secret adoption. By hiding unwed mothers in private maternity homes, they Could steal the babies and sell them in adoption.

Adoption was and still is one of the Catholic Church's tools for Christianizing the world, thus increasing its own power and control. The Church accomplishes this goal by placing children with Christian adopters who are required to raise the child according to the Church's beliefs. In the Old Testament, the phrase "I will blot out their names" is a more powerful threat than even physical death. Yet the Catholic Church falsifies the child's “Baptismal Birth Record” to reflect noy only the child's newname but also that the adopters are the parents on date of birth, in the same way that the State “amends” (falsifies) adoptees‘ original birth certificates. This is not an option. It is imposed by law and policy.

The Church uses its domestic adoption agencies, such as Catholic Charities and Catholic Social Services, and foreign adoption agencies, such as Holt International, to go a step further than other denominational adoption agencies in facilitating family separations.

The Catholic Church has frequently claimed that living parents are dead or unknown, and that children are so-called "orphans" when they have living parents. (See the organized crime schemes of the Vatican where they did this, such as: "Orphan Trains", Operation Babylift, Operation Peter Pan, Indian Residential Schools (Canada's Genocide), Magdalene Laundries, Australia's Stolen Generation - to name a few)

Another example of adoption politics in religion is found in “Bloodline of the Holy Grail — The Hidden Lineage of Jesus Revealed,” by Laurence Gardner, Royal Historiographer (Element Books, 1997). The very foundation of the Roman Catholic Church and Christiandom is based on Jesus Christ being a single, celibate Messiah born to a virgin, Mary. Gardner uses the King James Bible, archival manuscripts, and other data to prove that Jesus had a brothet, James; that virgin meant "young woman" (Semetic); that Jesus’(Essene) parents' had two marriage ceremonies — one legitimized his conception; that Jesus married and had children; that his lineage can be traced from the House of David through the Royal House of Stewart; and that the Catholic Church erased his lineage to advance its political power.

In Sophian legends, Jesus and Mary Magdalene had a son, "Michael" ("One Who is Like Unto God"), while the explosive fiction novel and movie, “The DaVinci Code,” advanced the story that Jesus’ wife was Mary Magdelene and their having secret daughter, Sarah, and the secret society that protected her and her descendants from discovery. According to the legend, Sarah bore children of her own, carrying on her father's bloodline. It flowed through generations, eventually reaching the French Royal family, and from there, the rest of the world.

Does it make sense that in the 21st century adult adoptees are prohibited by law from knowing their own true human origins?

Holt International was notorious for lying not only about the child’s orphan status, but also about the child’s age (for example, in Korean adoptions), so that the child would be more appealing and "adoptable" to American adopters. Mira Battey of Cathedral City, California, is one of tens of thousands of Korean adoptees in the U.S. who have discovered this. Not only is her alleged birth name, Mi Ra Ahn, a made up name, and that names such as "Ahn" and "Kim" were given to many Korean adoptees, but also that she is probably a year older than her record indicates, that her mother did not actually abandon her, and that her adopters signed a contract agreeing to raise her to according Catholic belief.

Patti Lemmer wrote AmFOR that she searched for her two daughters for 40 years, eventually finding them with the help of the “Unsolved Mysteries” television show. Catholic Charities of Indiana had forced her to sign their "death certificates" as well as relinquishments for adoption. The phony death certificates enabled Catholic Charities to hide any paper trail so that Patti and her daughters could not find each other, even as the system legally permits today.

Another adoptee wrote AmFOR: “I was raised a Catholic by my adopters and it was a Catholic priest who told my adopter I had ‘bad blood’ because my mom was a prostitute. I got that shoved down my throat for years because of this priest. Even when I became an adult, he damned me to hell in front of other people for getting a divorce and then he died, naked, in his housekeeper’s bed. It sickens me to think how many adoptees the Church destroyed’ (Gen Goad, adoptee, 10-4-00).

On 2-3-02, “CBS 60 Minutes” re-ran a segment about the Catholic Church's scheme with regard to 10,000 migrant children alleged by the Catholic Church to be "orphans" and sent from Britain to Australia allegedly to be "adopted" there. Instead of adoption, the Christian Brothers (Australian priests) used the kids as slave labor to build their mission, part of a scheme to populate mostly Aboriginal Australia with White Christians. These priests also sexually abused the kids, a fact which was generally known back in England, as was the overall scheme, all the way up to the Queen. Historically, mothers were told "the baby died," their children who were then adopted were told their mothers died. Or the mothers were told it was "too late" to reclaim their babies when they went to get them back from foster care and that the children had been "adopted" in Britain. The mothers were never told that their children had been sent to Australia. Only one in 10,000 was adopted.

Margaret Humphreys of the Children's Migrant Trust began finding the mothers alive. England won't acknowledge or apologize about what was done and only recently began to help fund reunions of the adult children with their mothers, most of whom have probably died off by now or soon will. (Margaret Humphreys’ book on this scandal, “Empty Cradles.”)

The Duplessis Orphans scandal was called North America’s largest case of institutional abuse by the Catholic Church in a lawsuit by the victims, as adults who, when they were children in the 1940s to 1960s, were sexually abused, beaten and subjected to horrors such as electroshock therapy and lobotomies, by priests and nuns of the Catholic Church of Quebec while in their care. The atrocities were hidden by the Vatican who falsely labeled over 5,000 children as "mentally deficient" and renamed the orphanages as “health care facilities” in order to receive federal subsidies. Most of the "orphans" had been taken from unwed mothers who were promised “a better life” for their children.

In the 2001 settlement, the claimants received an increased offer from the Quebec government for a flat payment of $10,000 per person, plus an additional $1,000 for each year of wrongful confinement to a mental institution. The offer amounted to approximately $25,000 per orphan, however it was limited to each of 1,100 (of 3,000) surviving orphans the government had labeled as “mentally deficient,” and did not include any compensation for victims of sexual or other abuse. Faced with few choices, the offer was accepted while the remainder received nothing. Many believe that justice was not done and criminal wrongdoing was allowed to go unpunished. (Sources: CBS Archives)

One example of discriminatory application of disclosure law is that of Gregory Mox, an adoptee incarcerated in Michigan, who applied to Catholic Services of Macomb, Michigan, for disclosure, enclosing the required $60 fee donated by AmFOR, for his "non-identifying" social and medical background information from his adoption file, to which he is entitled under Michigan statute. Sister Joan Ales returned AmFOR's check for Greg Mox to receive his non-indentifying information when the nun refised to waive the fee for prisoners, and she continued to refuse to provide Greg any information, nor did she even respond to him directly "within 63 days" of his request as Michigan law requires, nor since. Yet Catholic Services of Wayne County, Michigan, readily provided extensive non-identifying information to Bryan Andrew Harr, also an incarcerated Michigan adoptee, and even waived the $60 fee due to his indigent prisoner status. Both of these adoptees were convicted of the same crime of Murder. Sister Ales expressed her bias against prisoners in general to Lori Carangelo (AmFOR).

Michigan law also permits ALL adoptees, including incarcerated adoptees, to be registered on the Michigan State Mutual Consent Registry and to have a court appointed "confidential intermediary" search for and contact the adoptee's mother. Sister Ales insisted on being the intermediary (for a $250 fee), a conflict of interest considering she had already refused him and could retain the $250 without provision of any information to Greg.

Greg's and Bryan's Catholic Social Services adoptions were said to be largely responsible for their behaviors that led to the murders as detailed in the book “Adoptees Who Kill” (


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