Petition for Executive Order for Natural Family Preservation

Adopted? Alienated from your child? The time is right in view of political and Supreme Court decision on “marriage” to now address family preservation and restoration by signing the following Petition at

-2010 U.S. Census

We, the People are concerned about family law and adoption cases in all the secret courts in the United States. The more secret the court, the more the system has acted against the rule of law. Narrowing freedoms of speech and due process, and the lack of independent scrutiny of “experts” who lie for money, has created a lucrative market for children. Ever since Reagan Administration’s 7-24-89 White House Memo #906627, “Administration’s Support for the Adoption Option,” the federal government has clearly conspired with the multi-billion dollar foster and adoption business -- a business whose profits have surpassed that of America’s 19th century slave trade. Consequently, thousands of children each year are removed by brainwashing ad campaigns, coercion, duress, and/or outright kidnap from economically disadvantaged parents never proven unfit nor neglectful. These children are often drugged while held in abusive foster homes, and wrongfully forcibly adopted by strangers who gain federal and state subsidies, without oversight beyond finalization. This government protected child stealing is accomplished under color of state confidentiality and sealed birth records laws.

Adoptees’ actual outcomes are unknown until decades later when adult adoptees report having been subjected to years of emotional, physical, and/or sexual abuse. Even in the best case scenario, generations of now-adult adoptees have been deprived of the fundamental civil right to one’s own genetic information and freedom of association. “Compromise legislation” enabling adult adoptees to access their true birth record after 18 or more years, and/or under certain conditions depending on state of birth - not imposed on other citizens, - cannot undo the irreparable damage to adoptees caused by the secrecy -- secrecy never requested but imposed by statute and resulting deceptions and adversarial relationships inherent in such “legal” trafficking of children via adoption.

Alternatives for justified out-of-home placement include individualized temporary and permanent child guardianships to better serve “child’s best interests,” rather than the political, religious and corporate special interests, with biological relatives given priority in placements. Australia has all but abolished adoption which is now only a “last resort” in that country. In the United Kingdom certain Members of Parliament, and protesters taking to the streets, have been exposing their government’s coverup of legalized child stealing for adoption and trafficking by pedophiles, and the U.S. demand for “adoptable” children from abroad has ignited global concern.

Therefore, this Petition requests an Executive Order for an Act that will (1) suspend payments awarded for out-of-home placements of infants and children; (2) establish independent oversight in family law and adoption cases; (3) require uniform birth certificates nationwide; and (4) repeal state laws requiring the falsification and sealing of adoptees’ original birth certificates.

Chosen Children Adoption Factbook