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A “right to adopt” theory was advanced by openly gay ACLU Director, Anthony D. Romero, in mailings of a survey intended to support same sex marriage. Romero never replied to AmFOR's request for clarification on what appeared to be ACLU's endorsement of adoption as a “right” accrued from the right to marry. This view possibly began with a 2007 poll by CNN and Opinion Research Corporation which found that 57% of respondents felt same-sex couples should have the “right to adopt” and 40% that they should not. Adoption by same-sex couples is legal in 22 states. 14 countries, and some territories (“LGBT Adoption,” Wikipedia, 2014).

A “Third View,” advanced by Americans’ for Open Records (, is that no one has a “right” to adopt someone else’s child. The “right to marry” does not beget a “right” to adopt. AmFOR’s position relies on the fact that while adults have a right to choose whether to marry, and who they wish to marry, a minor child has “no choice” whether to be adopted nor by whom. But also ALL adoption results in an adoptee having “less rights” (or “different rights” in the case of Native American adoptees, as claimed in former Executive Director of Arizona ACLU, Louis Rhodes, in his 7-7-92 letter responding to adoptee, Wes Bikoff). It is therefore extremely important that no artificial “right” to adopt be afforded any individual or couple for socio-political advantage or for any reason.

By 2012, according to Wikipedia, approximately 2 million children in the United States were being raised by LGBT parents but unable to establish a “legal relationship” with their LGBT parents. Two years prior, in 2010, a consensus developed among the medical, psychological, and social welfare communities that “children raised by gay and lesbian parents “are just as likely to be well-adjusted as those raised by heterosexual parents.” And so, in 2010, the Third District Court of Appeal of the State of Florida was satisfied that the issue is so far beyond dispute that it would be irrational to hold otherwise, and stated: “the best interests of children are not preserved by prohibiting homosexual adoption.” “Not prohibiting” parents from adopting who are not unfit to parent does not bestow a “right to adopt.”

A policy statement by “Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG)” organization supports the right of straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals and couples to be parents, regardless of their marital status, through biological relationships“and, when qualified, adoptive or foster relationships”. (PFLAG Board of Directors on February 12, 1995. Revised April 1, 2012 - at: Similarly, Right To Life lobbyists misrepresent that “adoption is cure for abortion,” proven untrue in “THE ADOPTION and DONOR CONCEPTION FACTBOOK” Activists for LGBT rights need to respect millions of adoptees by refraining from suggesting a “right to adopt.”

This “Third View” is neither an anti-LGBT view, nor an “anti-adoption” policy. It is offered in furtherance of equality for adoptees – including gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender adoptees of all races and nationalities – a policy that has been well established by AmFOR over the past 25 years since AmFOR’s founding in 1989.

In “CHOSEN CHILDREN,” at, the author, AmFOR's founder, Lori Carangelo, not only provides “a voice” for gay, lesbian and transgender adoptees but also “un-closets” their victimization. For example, Carangelo recounts the experience of Nicolas West, native of Chile, adopted by a missionary couple from Tyler, Texas, and who was later kidnapped, beaten, robbed and murdered “because he was gay” -- His adopters had also refused to accept his gay sexual orientation. AmFOR provided Lupe Calvillo, a drug addicted, pre-operative transgender female adoptee who was being raped in a man’s prison, with legal assistance and by finding her “birth” family, and with referrals for gender re-assignment surgery per her request — at no cost — just as AmFOR provided a wide range of assistance to over 20,000 other adoptees and their families free of charge.

While it is imperative that LGBT individuals in America be afforded access to the “same playing field” with regard to the “same rights,” it is a slap in the face of ALL adoptees to allege that any American has a “right to adopt” while American adoptees, like pre-Civil War slaves, have been deprived of THEIR rights for the past century since the Orphan Trains and even more so since 1940s bastardizing and sealing of their true birth records withheld from them even in adulthood -- with the blessings of ACLU.

ACLU’s letters claimed a “conflict of interest” when responding to adoptees requesting ACLU to support an “open records” policy (as ACLU represents foster care agencies that facilitate adoptions as might ACLU's attorney members), documented in “ADOPTION UNCENSORED,” at — a free pdf download of 30 years of chronologically archived newsclips and letters to AmFOR on adoption issues, from legislators, courts and ACLU... Shame on ACLU.

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