Lori’s Remodels

Palm Desert in Winter $-Million Dollar View from Palm Desert (CA) homes I've refurbished and remodeled.

This page showcases Sun City-Palm Desert, CA homes and "casitas" (detached studios) that I leased, fixed up and managed. Some have "BEFORE" photos (LEFT) and “AFTER” photos (RIGHT), including a Palm Desert mobile home I owned, remodeled "ground up" and “flipped” for $100,000 net profit. (Details follow the photos)

Glastonbury Way, Sun City-Palm Desert, CA Glastonbury Way

CASITA at Sun City-Palm Desert, CA
Yellen Rd. Casitas at Sun City

CASITA at Sun City-Palm Desert, CA
Kensington Ave. Casitas at Sun City

Desert Greens Dr E, Palm Desert, CA Desert Greens Dr E

Burgundy Lane, Sun City-Palm Desert, CA Burgundy Lane

Hampshire Ave, Sun City-Palm Desert, CA Hampshire Ave

Quiet Springs Dr, Sun City-Palm Desert, CA Quiet Springs Dr

The homes at Del Webb’s “over-55” gated golf community, Sun City-Palm Desert, California, were built in the late 1990s to 2003. I've been leasing my favorite, furnished 2003 Sun City home every summer since 2015 (Glastonbury Way); in winter, the Canadian owner and another seasonal tenant occupies it, while I set up and lease detached Sun City "casitas" (Yellen Rd and Kensington Ave) that 500 or so of the 5,000 homes at Sun City have on the same lot as separate "guest houses" for relatives and which owners are now leasing out seasonally to "snowbird" winter visitors for income. Each summer when I re-occupy the Glastonbury home, I replace items lost or broken by the winter occupants, and provided creative solutions for adding shelves and furnishings and any repairs at low or no cost to the owner.

Some of the homes mainly needed to have years of clutter discarded, (Quiet Springs Lane) one (Hampshire Ave) required patching and painting 60 nail holes and other wall damage, replacing space-stealing wire pull-out baskets with shelves in kitchen cabinets. One Sun City transformation (Burgundy Lane) was as simple as switching wall pictures between rooms and changing the color of a bed cover.

I did a lot of demolition and construction work myself for the “ground up” remodeling of my own 1440 sq. ft. $150,000 mobile home (Desert Greens Drive East), while living in it, sometimes sleeping in my car (a Lincoln LSC at the time) while walls were opened up and dry-walled, floors tiled, kitchen cabinetry and appliances updated, cement poured to create covered patios all around and the ceiling raised. The total exterior/interior renovation cost $50,000 to make it a modern, turnkey furnished house with million dollar golf course and mountain views from enlarged windows. I then “flipped” it for a nifty $300,000 cash sale and $100,000 net profit within 6 months of purchase.