We do not choose the causes we believe in...They choose us.

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Lori Carangelo's 1963 Hamden High School (Connecticut) yearbook predicted a career in Child Welfare. Lori has devoted much of her life to opposing the corrupt Child Welfare System. The "CARANGELO v. CONNECTICUT" page on AmFOR's site at loricarangelo.com/connecticut/ details that effort.

Born in 1945 to Italian-American parents in New Haven, Connecticut, Lori is retired from 25 years administrative positions with environmental, job training/placement, and building departments in Santa Barbara and Palm Desert, California, and formerly managed the largest printing company in Palm Springs. She has authored over 600 published articles and more than 25 unique non-fiction books, including "THE ULTIMATE SEARCH BOOK," "THE ADOPTION AND DONOR CONCEPTION FACTBOOK," and biographical stories resulting from over 20,000 adoptee-parent reunions she and her national volunteer network, Americans For Open Records (AmFOR), facilitated without charge. Her "true crime" books such as "NO REMORSE," "KONDRO," and "SERIAL KILLLERS ON THE INTERSTATE" reveal WHY they did it, while wrongfully convicted stories give voice to the innocent, including Joe Garcia in "PAST MISTAKES" and Joel Domingues in "BLOOD RELATIVES" which has been adopted for TV by the Investigation Discovery (ID) Network.

LORI - Then and Now

Lori and Tom
Top: 1963 Hamden High School (CT); Middle: 1969-1987 search;
Bottom: Reunion, Lori and Son Tom, 18, Mother's Day, May 10, 1987

REUNIONS: (L-R) Lori's son Tom and daughter Rachel reconnect;
Sisters Dori, Lori, Jo meet for first time;
Lori's step-kids Mimi, John, Ron.

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Lori on TV

TV Photos
2-14-02 (Valentine's Day), ABC Affiliate KESQ-TV, Palm Springs reporter interviews missing persons investigator, Lori Carangelo, about missing/murdered child, Danielle Van Dam, and Lori's "Valentine Search" for the truth about her own daughter's fate.

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