An Open Letter to President Barack Obama about Adoption…

Americans For Open Records (AmFOR)

January 28, 2013
(updated version of letter sent 2-16-09)
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Obama,

You've addressed Gay Rights. Now is the time to address the “last civil rights issue” - and restore the civil and human rights of HALF THE U.S. POPULATION WITH AN ADOPTION IN THE IMMEDIATE FAMILY (, stemming from accident of one's birth and from adoption, and the need for CHANGE so that we, too, can move FORWARD.

CHANGE includes alternative forms of child custody “in child's best interests,” that do not impose lifelong secrecy and falsified birth records upon adult adoptees for life as every state now requires by law, along with non-uniform laws in some states that permit disclosure 18 to 25 years AFTER an adoption if impossible conditions are met.

Consider that the first thing American Slavemasters did upon purchasing African slaves was to change their names! Adoption is a throwback to the concept of “owning” another human being “as property” — also referred to as “colonialism” which you well understand (as did Lincoln). Hopefully the time for CHANGE has finally arrived.

Whether an adoption affected person simply wishes to know his true origins, or wishes to be President of the United States, the adopted child and adult does not have entirely the same control over his own destiny as non-adopteds. The federal sanction, funding and promotion of “legal” adoption of even illegally procured American and foreign children, under state adoption secrecy laws, as condoned by the U.S. State Departent, has worsened America's image as “the largest market for stolen children in the world” ( see US State Department's “Pfund Memo” at “US OKs Child Theft” - …and which must finally be addressed in terms of civil and human rights as well as better, individualized forms of child custody that respect such rights.

Improved forms of Legal Guardianships can respond to such need as it requires accountability and does not conceal the child's history and outcome as adoption is designed to do. (See for link to the book at — which profiles of 264 adopted killers, including well known serial killers school shooters and mass murderers, as to WHY they killed — because WHY their adoptions ultimately pulled the trigger is just as important as the control of the automatic weapons with which some of them killed)

Adding to competing interests of the child, of the biological parents, of the adopters, and of the State, is our Federal Government's ongoing intervention (and therefore obligation) regarding child adoption. Federal intervention is exemplified not only by federal subsidizing, tax breaks and promotion since the Reagan administration’s “White House Support of The Adoption Option,” but also by the much-revised 1994 Uniform Adoption Act which critics dub the “Evil Act”, pointing out that the Act prevents adoptees from gathering sufficient information about their biological parents by sealing adoption-related court records for 99 years, provides insufficient periods for revocation of relinquishment of parental rights (to the delight of unscrupulous baby brokers), and does not properly require notification of a non-spousal father.

The United Nations “Rights of the Child” Conference and Hague Court’s Intercountry Adoption Conferences, (for which I served as data reporting source by permission of the Special Rapporteur), side-stepped this issue as a matter of “diplomacy.” The United States Supreme Court has also turned its back on adoptees by denying Certiorari re their 1970s and 1990s class action claims. For nearly seven (7) decades, attorneys have been saying the high Court is “not ready” to hear our issues. We say the time for CHANGE is now.

For further information and documentation compiled over the past several decades, supporting the need for CHANGE in the way we treat our nation's children (and solutions), please see “CHOSEN CHILDREN: Billion Dollar Babies in America's Failed Foster Care, Adoption & Prison Systems” - for link to the book at for KINDLE and at Barnes & Noble for NOOK.

Lori Carangelo

Obama Change