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???? QUESTIONS ????
for Adoptees and Parents to Ask Agency or Court

Always ask in writing, by certified/return-receipt mail for followup & get reply in writing for more detailing to aid your search. For Sample Letters, search secrets, resources, go to /ultimatesearch/

Questions for ADOPTEES to Ask Agency or Court:

  1. What was the reason for my relinquishment?
  2. What were the ages of my parents?
  3. Where were my parents born, and where did they reside at the time of my adoption? Were they from same area where I was born?
  4. Name of hospital where I was born?
  5. What are the nationalities of my parents?
  6. Were my grandparents living?
  7. Educational background of my parents and grandparents?
  8. Occupations and social history of parents and grandparents?
  9. Any siblings?
  10. Were parents married? Divorced? Previous marriages?
  11. Religion of parents?
  12. Was I in a foster home? How long? Who were my foster parents?
  13. How long between relinquishment & placement?
  14. Was my mother in a maternity home? Did she see & hold me? Was she counseled before/after delivery or signing?
  15. Color of parents' hair? Eyes? Their height? Weight?
  16. Did my parents have brothers, sisters? Ages?
  17. Mother's first name and initial?
  18. Did she name me? What name?
  19. Were my parents active in school activities? What kind?
  20. How much did I weigh at birth?
  21. Has my mother or any birth family member EVER contacted the agency? Any letters, photos or momentos in my adoption file? Is there any Waiver of Confidentiality in my adoption file?
  22. Name of social worker handling my placement?
  23. Date adoption was finalized? What court(s) initiating, finalizing?
  24. Please provide me a copy of the court proceedings and final decree.
  25. Please provide me with all medical information on my birth family.
  26. Please place my Waiver of Confidentiality in the agency file.
  27. Please contact my parents and inform them my updated Waiver of Confidentiality has been provided to the file.

Questions for PARENTS to Ask Agency or Court:

  1. Regarding the adopter(s):
    a. what were their ages? h. deaths in family?
    b. where were they born? i. medical histories, diseases?
    c. what are their nationalities? religion? j. did they own their own home?
    d. any siblings of adoptive parents? k. professions, occupations, education?
    e. length of marriage at time of adoption? l. where residing at time of adoption?
    f. any previous marriages or divorces? m. where do they now reside?
    g. other children by birth or adoption? n. reason given for adopting?
  2. Regarding the child, please provide physical description when last seen by agency, court or attorney.
  3. Was child in foster care? How long? Names of foster parents?
  4. Date adoption was finalized? What court?
  5. Please provide a copy of the relinquishment I signed and the original birth certificate issued to me.
  6. What is the name of the social worker who handled the placement?
  7. Has adoptee or adopter(s) contacted agency since adoption?
  8. What was and is my child's physical and emotional health?
  9. Were the adoptive parents advised to tell child of adoption?
  10. What information on me was given to adoptive parents?
  11. Please place my Waiver of Confidentiality in the file.
  12. What agency/court/attorney will transmit my request for contact to the adoptee or adopter(s)?