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Adoption Uncensored

(from Legislators, Agencies, Attorneys, Organizations, and Others on ADOPTION ISSUES)

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Adoption Uncensored is a paginated, indexed, chronological 30-year collection documenting "the other side of adoption" and efforts to resolve adoption issues "within the system" (via legislatures and courts) s well as "around the system" via adoptee-parent searches.

AmFOR began informally networking in 1988 and officially became Americans For Open Records (AmFOR) in 1989. However, the chronological sampling of letters in this collection spans 30 years, beginning with my first published articles in 1977 and subsequent reactions from "officialdom." From 1988 to 2008, AmFOR received tens of thousands of letters, many of which can be found (un-duplicated) elsewhere on AmFOR's website (see Links, below). This sampling serves to document some of the issues and views in their own words, as expressed by:

Such letters have more significance if the viewer understands what was going on in adoption circles at the time of the correspondence and so they have been published in the context of the further information on the overall website... The Index heps researchers zero in on topics or people of particular interest and references adoptive status and state. See also:

Disclaimer: All rights reserved. All correspondence including e-mails this collection became the property of Lori Carangelo/Americans for Open Records (AmFOR), publishable to AmFORs website at AmFORs discretion, without compensation to the originator, absent the correspondents request for confidentiality, as public information for the purpose of educating the public on adoption issues and not for profit. The compilation is copyrighted and may not be reprinted without permission in writing except that letters and articles previously published in newspapers and correspondenc from public officials may be quoted with credit given to the originator and to AmFOR's reprinting in "Adoption Uncensored" with date indicated.